12th Annual Second Helping of Life

Pinkyfinger up had the honor to celebrate A Second Helping of Life at  Pier 60. The event featured some of the top women chefs as they serve their signature dish to support the fight against  breast and ovarian cancer. There was tons of great food.





The Saturday night attraction of the Food & Wine Festival was the ever so popular Tacos & Tequila Event hosted by Food Network all-star and restaurateur Bobby Flay. After a busy afternoon of grubbing, I took a much need siesta before the fiesta. One of the reasons I enjoy this event is because of the variety of proteins used for each creative dish. There were some really great offerings this year, check out some of these flicks.

– Pinky Finger Up


New York City Wine and Food Festival is in full effect and Pinky Finger UP was very happy to be a part of it. The first stop is the ever popular Blue Moon Burger Bash 2014. It’s all about pacing yourself with this event. Here some of the notable burgers from the bash.

– Pinky Finger Up