Cocktail Magic Spring 2016

Back in 2012, I was able to attend an one of a kind event in the historical Prospect Park. It was like a Centaur of events, part music festival, part seminar and  part food experience. Throw in some nice sunshine and you have a fine beautiful mess . The Great GoogaMooga was a delightful shindig but then again I had all access. After a two year run, some haters put a stop to the great one.

Forward to now, the same team behind Googa has crafted up a new spectacular. Superfly is bringing us a new spirit driven event called Cocktail Magic.  Looks like its going to be sweet. The lineup includes some of my favorites Julie Reiner and Ivy Mix, so it should be one for the ages. Besides cocktails and magic is an awesome combo.

Big up Superfly


Slice of Latin America

You know Pinkyfingerup will always support an event that helps the community. If you enjoy Latin Food, the Slice of Latin America is the place to taste some spicy  hot goodness. The event takes place at the spacious Capitale on Bowery. You can expect great food,music, dancing and a solid live auction.

Ticket info: