Green City

A few months ago, I experienced probably the best beer party under one roof. It had a fun theme, music, the best breweries in the world and wrestling.  Sipping stouts on a crisp Spring day was like taking a nice stroll in the park.

Well, the Brooklyn team, Other Half is back with the  2nd annual Green City and it looks likes it gonna be fire! A day of celebrating IPA’S, with a  super lineup is the best summer kick-off.  Other Half you guys have successfully raised the bar. Get GA tickets at











CityMeals On Wheels

Citymeals- Logo

Summer in the city has unofficially started. I guess some can argue that Memorial Day is the official unofficial first day of summer but for me it’s different.  The first day of summer should be full of sunshine, refreshing drinks, some banging bites. The perfect summer day to me is going to the annual  Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeal. Right now go to the   and get your tickets to the Gala and pray for sunshine. This event rocks year after year. Every year, there is some type of cool theme. This year’s theme is called The Butcher, the Baker, and the Cocktail Maker.  It is self – explanatory what to expect for the evening. Lots of food, drinks, and fun. The lineup is pretty killer too. Yes, there will be an array of some of New York superb chefs. Also, the lineup consists of some of the finest across the globe as well.  The lineup has some heavy hitters including Marc Forgione, Johnathan Waxman, and Daniel Boulud. On June 10th, all roads lead to the Rockefeller Center.