Back with the brewski of the week . In the past month and a half, I’ve attended two major beer events in New York. I was able to slip some freebies to bring home and review.  My first beer I had the pleasure to slip and sip is the Elysian Space Dust IPA. Elysian is a brewery out of Washington state . It pours a nice golden color and has a nice citrus – hoppy aroma. The ABV is 7.2.  Its a smooth  and enjoyable IPA.  Grab it, if you find it at your local bodega.

—- Pinkyfingerup

American IPA



BREWSKI OF THE WEEK: Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Blast

Living in Brooklyn these past years, there have been many changes. Coffee shops and restaurants are replacing the mom and pop bodegas where you can cop “loosies” for fifty cents. Bars are popping up in neighborhoods which use to be no man’s land. I don’t mind the changes, those bodegas that are still standing are adapting to the neighborhood’s tanning. On those hot days when a cold one is necessary, you no longer just see the regular Bud, Miller and Heineken bully fridges anymore. You’re starting to see a slew of Indie craft brews grabbing some territory. Brooklyn Brewery is one of them.  Although, they been around well over 25 years, they still feel like the local underground  favorite. I’ve always been a fan of the Choclate Stout but now I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn Blast. Brooklyn Blast is a double IPA that can slap you in the face. Please drink wise when you drink this one. Big ups to Garrett Oliver.

– Pinky Finger Up

Brooklyn Blast


BREWSKI OF THE WEEK: Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen

With Oktoberfest in full swing in Germany, I thought it would be only right to make the brewski of the week a OktoberFest Marzen.

This Ayinger is probably one of the best representation of a Marzen brew. It has a deep golden tinted amber and a nice sweet taste. It goes down pretty smoothly too. If you are celebrating the beer lifestyle, Ayinger Marzen is a stellar choice.

– Pinky Finger Up




BREWSKI OF THE WEEK : Shiner Bohemian Black Lager



The first time I was introduced was during SXSW some years back. Being from the east coast, I couldn’t believe how popular it was in the Lone Star State. My host, gave me a little Shiner 101 and the rest is history. The whole time I was in Austin , I had a cold Shiner and a koozie in hand. A few years later ,you can’t go anywhere in my Bushwick neighborhood and not find Shiner. I was able to find the rare Bohemian Black Lager and its pretty tasty. The coffee and chocolate notes give you a sweet and bitter aftertaste. Not Bad!

BREWSKI OF THE WEEK: Guinness Extra Stout

Welcome to the inaugural post of  Brewski of the week . This first post should actually be called my favorite brewski of all time. In the upcoming weeks I will feature craft beers and some throwbacks. For this post, I will feature my hands down go to brew for many years. The love affair actually started when I was young. When I was a youth, every now and then my parents would treat me to a punch. I always thought the punch was more like a milkshake thick, creamy and sweet. One of the main ingredients of the concoction was Borden Eagle Brand condensed milk ,a sprinkle of nutmeg and of course Guinness. Yes, I’ve been drinking Guinness since I was a young buck. I was about seven or eight years old when I had my first taste. I can remember at family bbq’s when I was like fourteen, my pops would just walk right pass me and not say a word if he saw me chugging on a Guinness.



Some might wonder, “Why is Guinness so popular with the Jamaican community?” Since the 1800’s Guinness has been brewed by Desnoes & Geddes in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Besides water and tea, I would say Guinness is probably the most consumed beverage I’ve had to date. Trust me, the taste of the barley in the Guiness is not for everybody. Fun fact, Guinness also has less calories then the standard beer. For anyone who has read this post, go to your local pub and order some of that black gold because Guinness “Is Good For You”.

– Pinky Finger Up