Slice Out Hunger




Pizza , glorious ol’ pizza.  When it comes to pizza  there is no question that  New York might be one of the most sought out destination to eat a slice. Each borough has there heavyweights that has turned into tourist attraction. Currently we are seeing more different  styles of pizza popping up regularly. Cauliflower crust , Chicago  and Detroit style making their mark throughout the city. New York embraces our new neighbors with open arms as always..

On October 10th, will be every NYC pizza lovers dream. Slice Out Hunger  brings you their annual NYC Dollar Pizza Party. Under one roof , there will be some of the  best pizzerias selling slices for just $1. We are not talking about dollar slices you can get after a night of drinking in the LES.  The lineup includes legendary  names including  Di Fara , Grimaldi’s, Emily Squared and one of the buzziest spots right now Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop.

No need to say anymore . Mark your calendar and check this out





Harvest in the Square


Union Square has always been  a special place for me.  If its protesting , going to the farmers market, playing chess  or simply sitting on the benches on crisp Fall night.  Union Square is sooooo NYC!

For the past 23 years, the Union Square Partnership has transformed the square into a eating and drinking haven for one night. One special evening where some  of the neighboring restaurants come together under one roof.  Harvest in the Square has turned into one of the most popular tasting  events the city has to offer.  Perfect setting, the weather usually is like a partnership of Summer and Autumn and of course the food is spot on.

Some of the participating restaurants include Daily Provisions , Nur and Le coq Rico to name a few.

Go to for tickets .  Support this fun -filled event.

A Second Helping of Life

This year marks the  15th anniversary of this fantastic event. This annual  benefit supports women facing ovarian and breast cancer. The lineup includes some of the finest chefs in the city.  The event will  return back to the Chelsea Piers.

Give thanks to all the chefs, organizers and volunteers for making this a stellar event.

I will post everything that was served for the evening.

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