New York Taste 2018



tasteLadies and gentlemen , it’s that time of the year get your tickets for the best tasting event on the Eastern seaboard.  Pinkyfingerup has laid its tastebuds on dozens of tastings throughout the years but the New York Taste event has never failed to stand out time and time again.

Still don’t believe me? Well, let me give you some reasons why you need to cop a ticket:

  1. The Host – New York Magazine will be this evening’s host and when you have a host who has a constant pulse on the city’s dining scene through its trusty blog, Grub Street,  you are sure to get a taste of everything this city can offer
  2. The Venue – New York Taste will call The Waterfront its home again this year and it will offer great views and vibes.
  3. The chefs and mixologists – these cats can’t be beat. Here are some drinks and dishes to look out for that evening:

Blue Hill always shines in the fall and it’s always surprising to see and taste what David Barber and crew have up their sleeve.

ABCV is the spot for mind blowing vegetarian dishes. This year is sure to be no different

Broken Shaker is the new kid in town serving tiki drinks and is making a big name for itself in New York following successful outposts in Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. Shout out to Elad. You can catch me spin the best tropical tunes on its rooftop on October 19th.

Don Wagyu  serves a beef sandwich that costs $180. They’ll definitely serve up something that’ll match that price tag

Manhatta is one of the hottest restaurants of the year. If you haven’t snagged a reservation yet, this is your best chance to get a taste.

Per Se Nuff said

Oddfellows will likely be a dessert highlight.  My guess is that there will be a pumpkin pie ice cream

Here’s the full lineup.  You might want to skip breakfast and lunch. Be ready for the city’s best menu.

Tickets start at $125. VIP pricing is $225 which will get you a head start to get grub along with some great swag, access to the VIP Lounge,  unlimited tastings, and a complimentary three-month trial membership to New York by New York, New York‘s members-only special event.



Damn Cronuts

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, but I’ve been whipping up some s#@* you can step to. Just been brainstorming and staying out of this New York frigidness.  As we approach the Spring season, I thought it was time to get ready to eat & drink around my city.

First stop, Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho. One of the things I want to do is every Cronut each month. So, I got my start on a day where the temperature was in the single digits. No worries because I was on a mission to taste that cherry. Since I was a youngin’ I always loved cherries in sweets . From Hostess(R) Cherry Pies (when they were 50 cents) and to Junior’s Cherry Cheesecake, cherries have been my favorite fruit in pastries. Hands down, Dominque Ansel’s Cherry Blossom Ganache with Cherry Gelee and Citrus Sugar takes the cake. On a scale of 1-10, this s#@* is infinity.

He will not top this one…at least this year. #pinkyfingerup

Cherry Blossom Granache with Sour Cherry Gelee and Citrus Sugar

Cherry Blossom Granache with Sour Cherry Gelee and Citrus Sugar

Cherry Blossom Granache with Sour Cherry Gelee and Citrus Sugar

Layers of flavor