2019 NYC Beer Week Opening Bash

beer week

The local beer scene  in New York has blown up overnight.  So many taprooms is opening in NYC alone and I’m loving it. The colabs, cover art, the fresh ingredients, the frequent drops,  you will never see me sipping on a major brand (Sorry Bud and Heineken) unless its a Guiness.  Well our great city celebrates one week celebrating  happy hops. NYC Brewers Guild presents NYC beer week 2019 .  Kicking off the week, all roads leads to the Brooklyn Expo Center for Opening Week Bash. Get your tickets at nycbrewed.com . The lineup is pretty killer. Locally, we are well represented  with Grimm Artisanal Ales, Other Half Brewing , KCBC and Interboro to name a few.  Then there will be  other breweries  coming from as far as Sweeden. Get your  tickets now for one of the two session now.


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