Nights Out: Village Voice

When I think of landmark New York, I think of the Village Voice Newspaper.  I could always remember going to the section to see the upcoming live shows and yes, even the back page personals. These days, VV has been putting together some superb food events. From the food truck to the beer festivals, VV is always in top form. There main food party is the Village Voice Choice Eats. Due to an emergency, I was unable to attend  but I sent some of my hungry team members. It’s unfortunate that I always seem to miss this event as it always takes place around SXSW. The great thing about this tasting is that you get to experience food from different parts of the world and not only the elite Manhattan eateries – you can actually taste something from Uzbekistan. Check out what we ate and if it looks good go visit the restaurant.

The night’s favorites were the duck and faro boudin by King Be and the skewered grilled beef tongue with romesco and lemon crouton from The Gourbals. For those who have a sweet tooth, Ample Hills Creamery was serving Snap ‘Mallow Pop which tasted like a rice crispy treat – straight crack!

– Pinky Finger Up