BREWSKI OF THE WEEK: Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Blast

Living in Brooklyn these past years, there have been many changes. Coffee shops and restaurants are replacing the mom and pop bodegas where you can cop “loosies” for fifty cents. Bars are popping up in neighborhoods which use to be no man’s land. I don’t mind the changes, those bodegas that are still standing are adapting to the neighborhood’s tanning. On those hot days when a cold one is necessary, you no longer just see the regular Bud, Miller and Heineken bully fridges anymore. You’re starting to see a slew of Indie craft brews grabbing some territory. Brooklyn Brewery is one of them. ¬†Although, they been around well over 25 years, they still feel like the local underground ¬†favorite. I’ve always been a fan of the Choclate Stout but now I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn Blast. Brooklyn Blast is a double IPA that can slap you in the face. Please drink wise when you drink this one. Big ups to Garrett Oliver.

– Pinky Finger Up

Brooklyn Blast