Slice of Latin America

You know Pinkyfingerup will always support an event that helps the community. If you enjoy Latin Food, the Slice of Latin America is the place to taste some spicy  hot goodness. The event takes place at the spacious Capitale on Bowery. You can expect great food,music, dancing and a solid live auction.

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Village Voice Choice Eats

Mad restaurants under one roof.

Mad restaurants under one roof.

Village Voice is a long standing o.g in New York culture. As a youngster hanging downtown, I would always kill time by looking at the weekly publication. When the Village Voice changed their format and made the paper into a free weekly thats when I appreciated it more. It was always my go to, to see which music artist were in town.  Indeed , I would check the tits and ass  in the back pages and I’m sure I applied to test some shit for 2500.  These days I don’t get to grab the newspaper as much as I used to but I try to go to their events. In March, Village Voice will be celebrating their 9th annual Choice Eats. The awesome thing about this event , the food represents all walks of life. It’s a must go to event.  Straight New York talk.