Bourbon, Brew and BBQ: Summer Session

The 3 B’s , as I grew up there has been significant changes in my favorite B words.As a youth it was all about baseball, break dancing and backbreakers. In my high school years , lets just say I really like the ladies. As I got older, Breakin Bad and beer was enough for me.  As we speak now, my favorite 3 B’s is bourbon whiskey, brewskis and bbq.  Hands down!

For those who have the same loving relationship with my current 3B’s need to take their butts to Route 66 Smokehouse this Saturday.  The summer edition of Bourbon , Brews and Beer has gotten bigger and better. Thirty beers, fifteen bourbon and unlimited bites is bananas. This is gonna be a banging bellybuster if you ask me.

Route 66, has some of the best sandwiches and meats is from the meat whisper Pat Lafrieda. Personally , I love their fried oyster po’ boy.  Trust me you don’t want to miss this.

People buy your tickets here :




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